• Funded Research

    Evaluating the Controls of Dissolved Organic Matter Accumulation, its Availability to Bacterioplankton, its Subsequent Diagenetic Alteration and Contribution to Export Flux

  • Funded Research

    Elucidating Spatial and Temporal Variability in the Export and Attenuation of Ocean Primary Production using Thorium-234

  • Funded Research

    Linking Remotely-Detectable Optical Signals, Photic Layer Plankton Properties, and Export Flux

  • Funded Research

    Quantifying the Carbon Export Potential of the Marine Microbial Community: Coupling of Biogenic Rates and Fluxes with Genomics at the Ocean Surface

EXPORTS Science Team

Lead PI


Project Title

Behrenfeld, Michael
Oregon State University

Emmanuel Boss (UMaine)
Jason Graff (OSU)
Lionel Guidi (LOV)
Kim Halsey (OSU)
Lee Karp-Boss (UMaine)

Lee, Craig
University of Washington

Eric D’Asaro (UW)
David Nicholson (WHOI)
Melissa Omand (URI)
Mary Jane Perry (UMaine)
Andrew Thompson (Caltech)

Siegel, David (Dave)
University of California Santa Barbara

Adrian Burd (UGA)
Andrew McDonnell (UAF)
Norm Nelson (UCSB)
Uta Passow (UCSB)