EXPORTS Projects

Project Lead Project Title
Behrenfeld, Michael
Oregon State University
First Step - Linking Remotely-Detectable Optical Signals, Photic Layer Plankton Properties, and Export Flux   details
Buesseler, Ken
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Elucidating Spatial and Temporal Variability in the Export and Attenuation of Ocean Primary Production using Thorium-234  details
Carlson, Craig
University of California-Santa Barbara
Evaluating the Controls of Dissolved Organic Matter Accumulation, its Availability to Bacterioplankton, its Subsequent Diagenetic Alteration and Contribution to Export Flux  details
Estapa, Margaret
Skidmore College
Linking Sinking Particle Chemistry and Biology with Changes in the Magnitude and Efficiency of Carbon Export into the Deep Ocean  details
Lee, Craig
University of Washington
Autonomous Investigation of Export Pathways from Hours to Seasons   details
Marchetti, Adrian
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Quantifying the Carbon Export Potential of the Marine Microbial Community: Coupling of Biogenic Rates and Fluxes with Genomics at the Ocean Surface  details
Menden-Deuer, Susanne
University of Rhode Island
Quantifying Plankton Predation Rates, and Effects on Primary Production, Phytoplankton Community Composition, Size Spectra and Potential for Export  details
Roesler, Collin
Bowdoin College
Phytoplankton community structure, carbon stock, carbon export and carbon flux: What role do diatoms play in the North Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans?  details
Siegel, Dave
UC Santa Barbara
Synthesizing Optically and Carbon Export-Relevant Particle Size Distributions for the EXPORTS Field Campaign  details
Steinberg, Deborah
William & Mary - VIMS
Zooplankton-Mediated Export Pathways: Quantifying Fecal Pellet Export and Active Transport by Diel and Ontogenetic Vertical Migration in the North Pacific and Atlantic Oceans  details
Zhang, Xiaodong
University of North Dakota
Optically Resolving Size and Composition Distributions of Particles in the Dissolved-Particulate Continuum from 20 nm to 20 mm to Improve the Estimate of Carbon Flux  details