Funded Research - Project Profile: Mannino-01

Project Title: In Situ Optics and Biogeochemistry in Support of EXPORTS Science

Project Lead: Antonio Mannino, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center



The ability to relate satellite remote sensing to ocean distributions of plankton and biogeochemical processes such as carbon production and export, which are central to the science of EXPORTS, requires in situ optical measurements of ocean radiometry (AOPs) and inherent optical properties (IOPs; absorption and scattering of particles and dissolved organic matter). The NASA Ocean Ecology Lab Field Support Group (FSG) supports EXPORTS by contributing these critical in situ optical measurements on the survey ship. An autonomous HyperSAS will collect continuous hyperspectral above water radiometry. In-water multi-spectral radiometry profiles will be conducted daily with deployments of C-OPS. An IOP package will be deployed to obtain vertical profiles of absorption, scattering and fluorescence properties. Other FSG measurements include particulate inorganic carbon (PIC) as a measure of calcifying plankton, which contribute to the sinking flux of carbon, and sample analysis of phytoplankton pigments, which relate to the abundances, optical expression, and composition of the phytoplankton communities present. In support of present and future NASA ocean color missions, FSG science objectives for participating on EXPORTS include (1) to investigate the horizontal and temporal variability of optical properties and derived constituents, (2) to relate in situ observations of PIC to satellite data products, and (3) to advance field measurement protocols and constrain field measurement uncertainties.

Keywords: radiometry, AOPs, IOPs, PIC, protocols, absorption, backscatter, pigments

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